13+2 sexy λόγοι που μας κάνουν να βλέπουμε ακόμα Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες

13+2 sexy λόγοι που μας κάνουν να μη χάνουμε την πίστη μας στη φετινή ψιλοαδιάφορη διοργάνωση των εμπορικών Ολυμπιακών Αγώνων

Tα Ξεροτήανα Πάφου όμως δεν στέκονται στους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες  σαν θεσμό και ξετρυπώνουν 13 + 2 sexy λόγους για να μη χάσεις την πίστη σου στο “Ολυμπιακό πνεύμα”. Κάνε ζέσταμα μαζί μας

1.Darya Klishina, Country: Russia, Event: Long jump


 2.Leryn Franco, Country: Paraguay, Event: Javelin


3. Alex Morgan, Country: United States of America, Event: Soccer

4.Amber Hill, Country: England, Event: Shooting

Amber Hill. Three Team GB athletes going for gold in Rio this summer have stripped down to their lingerie to show that a sporty body is a sexy body. Windsurfer Bryony Shaw, skeet shooter Amber Hill and Paralympian long jumper Stefanie Reid want to raise awareness of the fact that more than half of secondary school girls drop out of sport after the age of 13 due to body issues and negative experiences of PE lessons. They want young girls to know that women's athletic bodies are beautiful - and they should not feel ashamed to look physically strong. All three are among Team GB's leading contenders for gold medals in Brazil.

5.Ana Ivanovic, Country: Serbia, Event: Tennis

Ana Ivanovic

6.Antonija Sandrić, Country: Croatia, Event: Basketball

Antonija Sandrić

7.Ellen Hoog, Country: Netherlands, Event: Field Hockey

ellen hoog

8.Jaqueline Carvalho, Country: Brazil, Event: Volleyball


9.Maria Sharapova, Country: Russia, Event: Tennis


10.Marta Menegatti, Country: Italy, Event: Volleyball


11. Michelle Jenneke, Country: Australia, Event: Hurdles

michelle jenneke

12.Sophie Horn, Country: England, Event: Golf


13.Voula Papachristou, Country: Greece, Event: Triple Jump


14. Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Country: Hungary, Event: Swimming


15. Anna Korakaki, Country:Greece, Event: Shooting


Bonus: Ramona Papaioannou, Country: Pafos , Event: Sprint


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